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Home-School Option

Home-school Option for Tree of Life Students



The Florida Department of Education will not allow private schools who accept scholarships (i.e. Step Up, McKay, or Family Empowerment) to offer remote learning for the 2021-2022 school year.  They have stipulated that all students must be in-person.


However, there are options for parents at Tree of Life.  We could umbrella your student as a homeschool student.  This would be a $2000 yearly fee for keeping student records and we would provide all of the student materials needed for a parent to homeschool the student. (We would also provide all teacher manuals but they would remain the property of Tree of Life and would need to be returned once the student has finished the school year.)  We use Abeka for all of our curricula.  The student would also be provided a Chromebook to use for "remote learning" for very difficult classes such as math and science classes (middle and high only).  If the student stays with Tree of Life as an "umbrella student" and graduates from high school, they would get to keep their Chromebook laptop.  Otherwise, the computers would need to be returned to Tree of Life.


We would also test your student three times a year using the Map (Measures of Academic Progress) testing platform.  This is an accepted form of testing for FLDOE and we would transmit your student's scores to FLDOE for homeschool compliance.  You would be responsible for filling out the homeschool paperwork and filing with FLDOE each year.  


If you are interested in keeping your student at home, this would be their only option at our school at this time.  


The $2000 fee would be payable in 10 monthly installments of $200 starting on September 1st  through June 1st, or you can pay in full for a 10% discount.

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